Station Zero X

Game Domestic Economy

Our games economies are separated from the DAO tokenomy. The last experiments proved that mixing game economies with project financials tend to abuse both parties the players and stakeholders. So we designed economies to have separation of concerns. Each game has its own unique-tailored in-game economy that serve the game core gameplay without introducing stakeholders friction to the equation while also saving players earnings from greedy malicious traders. Encounter addresses the economy inflation with its unique approach of using sophisticated and multi-step crafting process using concepts as Dutch Auctions and Ores Refining. Revenue is collected through system fee of 4% on spaceships manufacturing and royalties from secondary market reselling. FinalCypher sustainability comes from the demand on immersive experience through comestics and customizability during gameplay. Revenue is generated through BattlePass purchases and in-game cosmetic sales. DAO governance tokens are not involved in either Encounter nor FinalCypher in-game economy or gameplay, and will not be involved in such a way in any of Station0x games.