Characters and Abilities

FinalCypher is a strategic hero shooter; Each character has a unique set of abilities that cater for different types of players.

Each character has a defined set of abilities that serve a utility for the team. 5 characters are already created and many more are yet to be introduced to FinalCypher.

Character utilities

  • Support. Healing, Boosts, Revive ..etc.

  • Offense. High-range, Special Equipment, and Self-sustain.

  • Intelligence. Information, Map Awareness, and Macro play.

  • Control. Visibility blocking, Stuns, Holding parts of the map.

  • Assassination. Melee, Initiation, and Gap-closing.

and maybe more, who knows. It's just the beginning. We have a lot of ideas and this is not even 1% of what we imagine it to be.


FinalCypher characters are not free to pick. Players need to own character contracts NFTs to be able to pick'em during gameplay. Players can own characters by the following methods:

  1. Grinding. Earning XP and full-filling missions and objectives to get a free character NFT mint.

  2. Buying from other players in secondary markets.

  3. Buying directly from the game with game tokens or stable coins. That revenue goes back to the treasury

There's no power hierarchy in FinalCypher. Characters don't differ in their strength or utility and should be continually balanced. The core dev defines the initial vanilla states of characters and further balancing is done by $SZX holders through on-chain governance as detailed in the Decentralized Modding section.


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