$SZX - Station Zero X Token

Station Zero X Governance Token

Station Zero X tokens ($SZX) are an ERC-20 governance token for the Station Zero X ecosystem of Web3 competitive games on Fantom (a scalable EVM-compatible L1).

$SZX Holders will be able to claim protocol rewards and other staking rewards through "FILO" Staking. While governing Station Zero X through governance voting and Its games using (DAGs Model). Players can earn allocated SZX depending on a pre-determined vesting schedule as an extra reward (in addition to the game domestic tokens depending on each game) and a way of fair governance token distribution on the most loyal player base.

As a web3 game builder powered at its core with a decentralized organization, the goal of $SZX is to align incentives between major stakeholders and to decentralize the ownership of Station Zero X games, through a game theoretical framework built on incentivizing the most loyal members and penalize the greedy sole actors/malicious participants to eliminate public harm to glue-together the ecosystem.

SZX is designed to yield long-term rewards while empowering its holder to govern DAO economic policies, decentralized modding of games, and control Station Zero X treasury.

SZX provides its holders with the following:

  1. Voting power. Used in governing the ecosystem and treasury monetary policy.

  2. Rewards rights.

  3. Modding rights.

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