Station Zero X

Release and Vesting Schedule

Station Zero X Governance Token Vesting Schedule
SZX will be release in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for 60 months from the first Token Generation Event (TGE) on 1st March, 2023, 12pm GMT.
The initial circulating supply is set to 3,516,667 SZX - 2.67% of the total supply and will be released gradually each month.
Illustrates the maximum possible issuance of SZX over the coming years, and the total supply will never exceed 300,000,000.
Private Sale (A)
5% TGE, 4m cliff, 10% TGE + 12m vest
Private Sale (B)
10% TGE, +15% 3rd mth, 2m cliff vesting
FILO Staking
60m vest
Game Tokens Staking
5m cliff + 24m vest
Callisto-6 NFT Minters
2m cliff, 10% TGE + 10m linear vest
15% TGE + 6m linear vest
Play to Earn
36m vest
4m cliff + 12m vest
6m cliff + 18m linear vest
Community Rewards
3m cliff, 24m vest
60m vest