Protocol Owned Liquidity

Initially, Station Zero X will try to aggregate its owned liquidity over time through in-game stable coin purchases based on the pre-determined monetary policy set by the DAO. Original founders tend to neglect in-game tokens' liquidity boosts as it's highly volatile and can badly contribute to the sustainability of those tokens and rather prefer to provide liquidity for the governance token instead.

Providing liquidity from the POL for game domestic tokens can be problematic in many ways:

  • Create a speculative value. Deviate the speculative value from the underlying real utility value of in-game tokens.

  • Increase token volatility. Affect in-game economies and subsequently game accessibility.

  • Affect player meritocracy. Capital aggregation, bump & dumps .. etc.

In return, creating a difference between the in-game tokens' real value reflected from the game state and its competency can incentivize traders to speculate the in-game tokens which will harm daily active players as discussed in the game domestic economy section.

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